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By Sally Fahey

The talk of the town after Washington’s no-silver-lining loss to Indianapolis on Sunday was how D.C.’s romance with the football team is in tatters. Bitterness began replacing bliss as the dominant emotion at some point early in the Dan Snyder era, but now apathy reigns supreme. Despite a sad and misleading PR blitz from the team and local media full of the same ol’ crap about a new fan-friendly attitude from management and bells and whistles for game goers, the home stadium had

Fresh off admitting that their 200,000-person season ticket waiting list never actually existed,…

There’s still some bitterness, mind you. A group of beer vendors showed up at the stadium on Sunday, not to sell but to protest. They’re peeved that the rate they get for working at Snyder’s stadium has been cut drastically and now falls far below what sellers make at other NFL venues.

Beer vendors in Landover work strictly on commission and tips, with a sliding scale. The commission is based on net sales (after sales tax is taken out, and with tips not included) with vendors getting 8 percent on their first $600 worth of sales for any one game, 10 percent on sales up to $2,000, and 12 percent on anything over $2,000. According to Perry Hahn, a career suds slinger who was among the protesting vendors, to reach the max level a vendor needs to sell a “little over 200 beers,” which typically go for $9.50 per 16 oz. can.

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