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By Thomas Boswell, Washington Post Columnist

“I liken sports betting more to Wall Street ... I don’t believe it’ll be considered a game of chance. I think it will be a game of skill, just like you can be a day trader — you can be at Goldman Sachs, making billion-dollar bets on companies.”

— Ted Leonsis, head of Monumental Sports and Entertainment in Washington.

The baseball playoffs are at hand. So in the spirit of Goldman Sachs helping you invest, I want to provide you with valuable gambling advice.

My credentials are super-duper. I’ve covered the past 42 World Series, spent thousands of days in clubhouses talking to MLBers and interviewed most of the members of the Hall of Fame who played since 1900. I’ve written baseball books and thousands of columns. I invented a new metric in 1978 for the Post that’s still used by Baseball-Reference. I was a stat nerd before “analytics” had a name.

For just $10 a week, a fraction of what you’ll win with my help, you get my exclusive tip sheet with inside information that only a lifelong baseball reporter with unlimited access and a lifetime of connections can give you. (Pssst, inside dope.) Sign up for this exclusive offer. Get ahead of the game by Betting with Boz . . .

If I can’t pass as an MLB tout, who can? I’d just have to be sleazy enough to do it.

What’sRight now, everyone — from teams and leagues to state governments to the Supreme Court (which decided in May each state can decide if it wants to legalize gambling on pro and college sports) — wants you to run right out and place a bet on the Dodgers, Caps, Blue Devils or Pats.

It’s a gigantic scam. Everyone in favor of it is looking to make a buck — a huge buck. Not one of them will ever be stupid enough to place a sports bet that amounts to more than play money. That’s being left up to you, the sucker born every minute.



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