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By Sally Fahey

WRC Analyst Bobby Mitchell ripped the Redskins preparedness. He said players aren’t taking their jobs seriously enough and suggested that’s a reflection of their head coach:

“There were things that happened after the bye week that made me start to question a lot of things,” Mitchell said. “We’ve got guys getting a break — a veteran day after a bye. Hell, you just were off for seven days and you come back and you need a veteran day? ... Guys are still blowing assignments, can’t keep their coverages, can’t communicate properly. And you know what? We always talk about players taking on the personality of their coach, and I’m going to say this: Yes, they’re taking on the personality of their coach. They think everything is a joke. They think everything is easy, and they’re not going out there busting their a — to become the best players they can be.”

The Redskins are now 2-3 coming off a bye under Gruden, who is 30-37-1 overall in the regular season with Washington. On a conference call with reporters yesterday, Gruden vowed that his veteran team will “clean it up” and avoid a repeat of Monday’s debacle. If the Redskins don’t turn things around, Mitchell suggested it might be time for a change at the top.

“Listen, if Jay can’t get them to play better, maybe somebody else needs to come in here,” he said. “I’m not going to hold my tongue anymore. If you cannot coach the team properly, you can’t get the guys to play their best, then damn it, you shouldn’t be the coach, point blank. And I’m sure a lot of fans feel the same way.”

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