Fast DC Sports - Alex Smith

By Michael Donovan

The Redskins are riding high in the NFC East at 4-2.

And, while that doesn’t ensure a playoff spot just yet, their 20-17 win over the dreaded Cowboys last Sunday at Fex-Ex Field gives Redskins Nation hope yo play in January.

Of course, that could all change when they head to north Jersey to play the Giants this Sunday.

But leave it to ESPN to piss on our parade, especially when it comes to QB Alex Jones:

The “Alex Smith is an upgrade over Kirk Cousins” narrative hasn’t proved out so far. Through Sunday, Smith ranked 24th in Total QBR and 23rd in yards per attempt. No, Smith doesn’t have Cousins’ receivers, but you know the old saying about what excuses are like.

Short-term confidence: MEDIUM. Smith is what he is. He’s not going to be the guy he was last year in Kansas City, and no one should have expected that guy. He’s a solid, capable veteran who avoids mistakes and turnovers and can run the offense efficiently when and if they all get healthy. Colt McCoy is the backup and likely wouldn’t check all the same boxes.

Long-term confidence: MEDIUM. Smith is 34, but his 2019 salary is guaranteed at $15 million and his 2020 salary of $16 million becomes guaranteed this March. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and they haven’t addressed what comes after.

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