By Alex Murphy

What more is there to say about the Washington Redskins other than they are mediocre?

With the worst owner in the National Football League.

Who now wants public money to build a new stadium in the District.


As fans across the DMV are well aware, our NFL team has been a joke for almost two decades, essentially since current owner and Public Enemy No. 1 Dan Snyder bought the team in 1999.

Yes, there have been playoff appearances and winning seasons, even an NFC East title, but they have been the exception in a dreadful 139-180-1 record in the past 20 seasons.

They haven’t won more than 10 games in a season since 1991, the year of their last Super Bowl victory and the second to last year of a dynasty where the franchise won three Lombardi Trophies in 10 years — in that 11-year period, had eight seasons of 10-plus wins and 10 winning seasons.

Snyder took over in the Redskins’ third operating year at suburban Maryland’s Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, which almost immediately became FedEx Field after he sold the naming rights in November 1999, just six months after he took over the team.

I guess he just discarded the previous owner for whom the stadium was named for because history and tradition don’t matter.

To Snyder, only money matters.

While the stadium, located in Landover, 20 minutes outside the District, set NFL attendance records for seven straight years from 2004-2010, it has regularly been ranked as one of the worst stadiums not just in football, but all of professional sports.

It’s tough to not bash the Redskins, so let’s bash them, starting with good ole’ Mr. Snyder lounging in his decrepit sky boxes.

First,  can we talk more about just how bad FedEx Field is. The University of Maryland hosted Texas there last Sept. 1, and the game was postponed for about 90 minutes at the end of the third quarter due to severe weather.

Whoever designed this stadium clearly did not have the thought of weather in mind because on Twitter that day, there was video and photo evidence of the press box leaking and the ceiling starting to cave in due to the rain.

Rivers formed on the ramps along the outside of the stadium.

At the time, Cooke even praised Clark Construction because of how quickly it was built — 17 months — and how economical it was, costing roughly $180 million in 1997.

Maybe you shouldn’t give a construction company less than a year and a half to build a stadium that is supposed to seat 80,000-90,000 people because it’s important that the stadium is structurally sound and safe for that many people to be in at once.

It took Clark almost twice as long a decade before that to build a stadium with half the seating capacity for $50 million less in Tropicana Field, which, just like FedEx, is one of the worst stadiums in professional sports.

Unlike Tropicana Field’s tenants, the Tampa Bay Rays of the MLB, the Redskins have money, but never go out and sign good players.

They have a passionate fan base, one of the largest in the NFL. However, just like the Rays, they have mediocre attendance and at least for the first decade of the Rays existence, fielded a mediocre product.

Dan, don’t think I forgot about you. You now want land to build a new stadium for a team that you haven’t invested nearly enough money in. You put more money into a 12 percent stake in Six Flags, only to have that money and your share go out the window without a care in the world.

Remember that AFL team you were gonna start in D.C. but never did? Yeah, there’s one now and they just won the Arena Bowl, which doesn’t mean much since the league only fields like five teams now, but take that.

Maybe you should take that $2.3 billion that you’re reportedly worth and put it towards renovating your existing stadium instead of constantly removing seats. Just cut the capacity to 60K and make it a more “intimate” stadium experience like the Trop, but you still will struggle to fill that.

Or, you can invest that money into your “alma mater” in the University of Maryland and give us some money for that football facility that’s been under construction and massively in debt for a few years.

I mean I know you dropped out, but so did Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. And just like him, you originally made a good investment only for it to come back and bite you in the butt and now, millions of people are out for your head. It must be nice to be rich.

So, about that new stadium you wanted. It doesn’t help that you’re trying to get in cahoots with President Trump, who is down to 37 percent in approval rating in the Gallup daily tracking poll.

Which is probably twice as high as yours among Redskins fans in the DMV!

Why can’t you just play at RFK? I mean it’s decrepit just like FedEx, just like 40 years older.

Unlike the Braves, who won their division and reached the postseason in their second year at SunTrust Park, the Redskins aren’t going anywhere special thanks to you, Mr. Snyder.




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