By Mary Cunningham

The salaries of big-time college football coaches have become stratospheric.

Take Alabama’s Nick Saban’s $8.7 million for 2019, for instance.

But assistants are cleaning up too.

Maryland is set to pay Scottie Montgomery $800,000 to be its offensive coordinator in 2019, according to the Washington Post.

As his contract with East Carolina was written, the Pirates owed Montgomery $400,000 each of the next two years, unless Montgomery received other employment. The Pirates would only be responsible for paying the difference of his new salary, if it were less than the $400,000 base salary ECU owed him in 2019 and 2020. But with Maryland set to pay him $800,000 in 2019, and a minimum of $550,000 in 2020 and 2021 (even if he gets fired without cause) as a part of a three-year deal, East Carolina looks to be off the hook for good.

Montgomery’s contract with East Carolina was set to run through January 31, 2021 before it was terminated.

Here’s more on Montgomery’s new three-year deal with Maryland from the Post:

“Montgomery’s three-year deal also includes a $25,000 increase each year. Montgomery’s base salary is $450,000 each year, and his annual supplemental income begins at $350,000 per year. Like (head coach Mike) Locksley, Montgomery can earn bonuses through performance-based incentives. If Maryland participates in the Big Ten championship, he would receive $45,000. If Maryland wins the conference title, he would instead earn $67,500.

He also is due a bonus should Maryland’s participate in a bowl game: $22,500 for a standard bowl, $45,000 for a New Year’s Six bowl, $67,500 for a College Football Playoff semifinal or $90,000 for a College Football Playoff final. Montgomery earns another bonus depending on the bowl outcome: $22,500 for winning a standard bowl or a New Year’s Six bowl, $45,000 for a win in a College Football Playoff semifinal or $67,500 for a win in the College Football Playoff final.”

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