By Peter Gleason

There’s something in the  NFC East water.

First the Giants doubled down on aging Eli Manning at quarterback.

And now the feckless Redskins traded for 31-year old Case Keenum!

It’s a sure sign that Alex Smith’s leg is healing about as poorly as the team expected it to.

Though Keenum’s passing yards improved, all of the good numbers (QBR, passer rating, touchdowns, completion percentage) went down and all the bad ones (interceptions, fumbles, times he was booed off the field) went up. But at least in Denver, his play could suffer a mild setback and the team would still be fine because of the talent on that fearsome Broncos defense.

If all goes as expected, Keenum’s reward for bringing the Vikings to the precipice of their first Super Bowl in 40 years will have been getting replaced by the very definition of mediocrity in Joe Flacco, and now being sentenced to the most dysfunctional organization in professional football. Even worse is that the indignities might not even be over, as there is still a possibility that the team could trade for Cardinals flameout Josh Rosen—who would most likely be the team’s immediate starter. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Keenum got his wish to be a heroic starting NFL quarterback granted by a conniving genie and this is the part where his comeuppance is getting served.

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