By Sam Bush

The Nationals have gotten off to an awful start — 19-30 before today’s game in New York.

FanGraphs still gives them a 23.8 percent chance of winning the division and a 42.4 percent chance of going to the postseason.

What is Washington going to do with pending free agent Anthony Rendon?

The two sides have discussed an extension, but there’s a “decent-sized gap” between asking price and offer. If there’s no momentum toward a deal, it’s in the best interest of the Nats to explore offers for Rendon.

Last year, they opted to keep Bryce Harper, only to tread water in the standings and gain only a compensation pick after the fourth round when he left in free agency. They can ill afford to make the same mistake twice.

If we do get to the point where the Nats are sellers, the Yankees might get to a point where they are third-base buyers, with Miguel Andújar now officially done for the year.

It all depends on when or whether Gio Urshela comes crashing back down to earth. As explained by our own Mike Petriello, that might not happen. But if it does, then the Yankees are obvious fits for Rendon, and though they might have to begin a deal with a promising prospect such as right-handers Albert Abreu (their No. 3 prospect) or Deivi Garcia (No. 4), they wouldn’t have to go this far:

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