By Harry Allison

According to Ian Rapoport on Twitter, offensive tackle Trent Williams is looking for a new contract with the team:

Redskins LT Trent Williams, not spotted in the building this morning, wants a new deal, I’m told. His deal was huge when he signed out, but the market has shifted greatly.

Williams is one of the best offensive linemen in all of football. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he’d want a new contract. However, this presents a problem for the Washington Redskins, as they’re already tight on money as it is.

When healthy, Williams makes the offense infinitely better. He’s an elite pass blocker and phenomenal run blocker as well. What makes him so fantastic is his combination of speed, athleticism, and strength.

Due to all that, Williams can get ahead of the ball carrier and clear a path for him. His blocking has been an integral part of many big plays for Washington over the years.

This is something the Redskins will likely want to work out as quickly as possible. Although he’s had some health problems in recent years, Williams is still elite and will be just 31 all of next year. There are still quite a few great seasons left in him. Washington would definitely prefer those years to be with them.

If the Trent Williams and the Washington Redskins can work things out, the offensive line is looking solid. They have Morgan Moses on the other side of him – and Brandon Scherff at right guard. Even with things not perfect at left guard and center, those are great foundations to have.

This also shows the importance of Williams, as he’s the clear leader of the group and someone that can help the young players to continuously grow. It wouldn’t be surprising if this situation didn’t take too long to resolve.

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