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Coach Jay Gruden: “You see the ‘wow’ plays and you’re like, ‘Jesus.’ When he’s on, there’s nobody you’d rather have than Dwayne. Really. It’s pretty. He stands tall; he has a cannon, and he can quicken up his release. He’s got great touch. Strong, powerful arm; strong, powerful body. But sometimes when he’s off, he’s abnormally off. It’s kind of weird.”

Cornerback Josh Norman: “He’s got some fire to him. He has no fear.”

Gruden: “He can just see the whole field extremely well. For a young quarterback, a lot of times when there are rushers they have a tendency to look down. He has a natural ability to keep his eyes up, and down the field. It’s like a video game where he can see and make all the throws. There’s a lot to like about him, and there’s a lot to clean up, as we would expect. But he’s been impressive.”

Running back Adrian Peterson: “I like him. You can tell he’s young and has a strong arm. He’s very competitive and he’s back there listening and learning as much as he can. Once he becomes more comfortable, he’ll be able to play a lot faster than he is now.”

Gruden: “The comfort level he has to continue to get. When he calls a play and knows exactly what we’re trying to do, or when I start to call a formation, he knows what play is coming. That will come with time, lots and lots of time.”

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