Asks Pro Football Talk:

He’s only the third Ohio State quarterback ever to be drafted in round one.

And he arguably would have been the darling of the 2019 class but for Kyler Murray‘s decision to choose football over baseball.

Also, Haskins’ presence in the NFC East creates a compelling apples-to-apples comparison with Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones, who was drafted a full nine spots higher.

Haskins could indeed be the real deal, even if a certain goofball comment by a certain weekday-morning ESPN goofball that Haskins is more of a runner than a passer sparked a backlash that has other weekday-morning goofballs with other media outlets still assuming that Haskins isn’t mobile. Haskins is very mobile, as it relates to the things he can do to keep a play alive behind the line of scrimmage. He buys time with his feet to find open receivers, and if he can do the same thing when the guys against whom he’s buying time are NFL-caliber defenders, Haskins could be special.

For now, the question as it relates to the 2019 season will be when do we see that?

PFT 2019 storyline No. 29: When will Dwayne Haskins start?

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