By Brenda Mulligan

Let’s face facts:

Josh Doctson has been a big-time Redskins disappointment

The former first-round pick hasn’t been the dominant receiver Washington has hoped for. That said, Doctson did have his best season in the NFL in 2018. He did so with a circus at quarterback too.

He had a career-high 44 receptions and 532 yards. His two touchdowns were lower than the six he posted the year prior, but still tied for the highest on the entire team.

Those 44 receptions and 532 yards were both the highest by any receiver and were second-highest by anyone on the team. Only tight end Jordan Reed had more in either category (54 receptions and 558 yards).

After those two, only running back Chris Thompson had more than 30 receptions (41). Meanwhile, Reed and Docston were the only two with more than 400 receiving yards.

While his season wasn’t great, it was a step in the right direction… but he still has a long way to go. If Docston can clean up his routes and improve his hands, bigger things could be on the horizon. The Redskins have cleaned up the QB position; now Doctson needs to step up.

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