TMZ Sports has obtained video showing Mark Rypien‘s wife desperately crawling on the ground in pain after she was struck by the former Super Bowl MVP in a domestic violence incident. 

The footage was shot June 30 around 5:45 PM in Spokane, Washington — where cops were called to respond to an incident involving the 56-year-old NFL alum and his wife. 

Mark told cops at the scene that he had hit Danielle Rypien because she was covering his eyes while he was driving and he was scared. He told cops he “knocked the wind out of her.”

You can see in the video Danielle is clearly in pain and struggling to breathe as she crawls on all fours from the vehicle to a nearby grass area … where she eventually collapses. 

Medical personnel later responded and evaluated Danielle — determining she did NOT need emergency medical attention so she was not transported to a hospital. 

Mark was arrested for assault/domestic violence and pled not guilty. He was released without bail and is due back in court later this month.

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