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By Patrick Harrington

The Redskins are choosing between Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins, and Colt McCoy at quarterback.

And while they decide that, Alex Smith has recently got some good news pertaining to his leg.

In a post on Instagram, Smith’s wife posted a picture of the Redskins quarterback with his external fixator removed from his leg. Smith talked about the contraption in detail a month or so ago and how it would help him in his recovery.

“I got this crazy contraption that nobody’s ever seen before on my leg that comes from Siberia. Believe it or not, this thing is going to save my leg, save my bone, allow me to heal, walk again and hopefully play football again. It’s an external fixator, I will hopefully have it for four to six more weeks, which will put me at about seven, seven and a half months of living with metal pinned into my leg.”

Of course, Smith was traded to the Redskins last year in hopes he could lead the Redskins into the postseason. Unfortunately, Smith suffered a gruesome leg injury that would end his season and put his future in the NFL in doubt.

Currently, Smith is ruled out for the 2019 season and has been given doubts on his chances of ever returning to the NFL.

Nevertheless, the veteran quarterback is slowly working his way to to a hopeful return to the playing field. At 35-years old, people may count him out but Smith is determined to push his way back to the NFL. Getting the external fixator off of his leg is a large step in the journey to returning under center for Smith.

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