By Michael Bennett

According to Ryan Young of Yahoo Sports police arrested Marcel Behnert in early July after he tried to pawn one of May’s Super Bowl rings at Gold & Silver Pawn in Las Vegas.

May wore his Super Bowl rings to a charity event in February in Scottsdale and stayed at a hotel after. Shortly after arriving home, May realized he was missing his watch and two rings and called the hotel. The hotel searched for the rings and watch and found them in the safe. Instead of calling May, they gave them to Behnert, the hotel’s lead engineer.

Behnert then allegedly went to Las Vegas to try and sell them at the world-famous pawn shop.

“I asked the pawn broker how much the guy was looking for, and he told me the amount, and my first reaction was, ‘Each?’ And he goes, ‘No, for both of them,’” Gold & Silver general manager Andy Zimmerman said. “Given what he was looking for, I thought that doesn’t have a good sign to it. So I told my pawn broker, ‘Go back out there and counter, and see what he does.’

“We countered at a lower price, and he accepted it, which led me to believe even further that there was a problem.”

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