By Sally Fahey

The MLB trade deadline approaches in five days as the Nats have clawed back into the NL East race.

Here’s what thinks:

What they need: “They just need some stability. They’ve been playing so much better lately. They definitely need to make a bullpen move, but they obviously weren’t as bad as they were playing early this season.” — AL scout

Who they might move: “It’s tough, because they have a whale in Carter Kieboom, who’s too big to give up for anybody other than a huge bullpen piece. Other than that, they have a shortstop in Luis Garcia. He’s a little bit of a fallen star. He came into this year with the hype of all hype. He’s had a tough year, so they might not want to sell low on him. The rest of their prospects are more depth types that won’t get them much.” — NL executive

What they can get: “I would guess that they are not going to go for broke. They’re not going to go fishing in the big-name pool. If they can snag a second-tier guy like a Shane Greene, I could see them doing that. Ken Giles might work for them.” — AL scout

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