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By Michael Donovan

The Redskins have been testing the waters for the past year to find some county or state to give them a sweetheart deal on new land for a stadium.

And the team’s below-zero public perception ever since Dan Snyder has owned the team for the past 20 years has generated:


Now Redskins president Bruce Allen says he has no word yet where the Redskins will play football after the team’s lease at FedEx Field ends or where they will build the next stadium, but:

“I would say within a year, that is the timetable we’re looking at,” Allen said last week on “The Larry O’Connor Show” on D.C.’s WMAL. “Our deadline for making a decision is really 2022 because our lease in Maryland ends in 2026.”

After O’Connor remarked the four-year window may not be enough time to build a new stadium, Allen responded: “Well, there’s history in this city for when they’re motivated they can do anything they want to do.”

The Redskins have been working on a move from their current home in FedEx Field for some time, but have continually run into roadblocks and opposition.

When asked point-blank who the starting quarterback would be, Allen said, “That hasn’t been determined yet.”

“What Jay has been doing, as you saw in the first practice, is each player Colt (McCoy), Case (Keenum) and Dwayne (Haskins) are all getting equal amount of reps and they’re working with the first, and the second and the third groups,” Allen told O’Connor. “And we’re not going to worry about that for a while. Now I know Washington loves a quarterback controversy as much as independent counsels, but right now we’re going to let them continue to work and continue to grow.”

Allen was bullish about the Redskins chances, despite some predictions of doom for the Skins.

“Our players understand that expectations with national outlets isn’t great for us,” Allen told O’Connor. “But we can make our own history. That is the message here. If you see the shirts that the players are wearing, they say ‘Everything Matters.’ We’re going to try to get the details down here in Richmond and try and get ready for our opening game and win a game.”

Speaking of bulls, Allen said he had a talk with Josh Norman about him running with the bulls in Pamplona.

“I said, ‘I wasn’t a fan of you dancing with the women (on ‘Dancing with the Stars’) but I’d much rather have you dance with the women than dance with the bulls,” Allen said.

Allen said Thursday there was “no news” about Trent Williams’ holdout, but added, “We love him, but he’s not here.”

“Trent has explained his position to me and we’ll see what happens, but right now we have to focus on the guys who are here,” Allen said.

At the end of the interview, O’Connor asked about the front office’s reaction to hearing President Donald Trump was interested in attending a Redskins home game in an earlier interview on O’Connor’s program.

“We’d love to have the president,” Allen said. “We have pictures at Redskins Park of the presidents that have come over the years. It’s part of the greatness of this franchise’s legacy. We’re in the nation’s capital and we think that’s tremendous.”

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