By Mary Cunningham

The Redskins wide receiver group has a “so-what” look.

With the exception of  Trey Quinn, who was selected with the last pick of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Quinn caught nine passes on 10 targets, but missed nearly the entire season due to injury.

Now it appears that limited role will be expanded heavily. According to Billy Embody of, Trey Quinn has the slot receiver job “locked down” for the Redskins:

“Trey Quinn’s got the inside spot pretty much locked down – [Darvin] Kidsy [Jr.] and Sims, they’re competing for the backup role probably – but we’ll wait and see,” coach Jay Gruden said on Sunday. “But it’s a good group. They all bring something different to the table. I like the fact that we have a number of guys that can also go in there and block and are physical that help our running game out and we have some speed, we have some size. We have a little bit of variety there. It’s a good group.”

Gruden is careful to add the “we’ll wait and see” because anything can happen in the NFL. Quinn has a lot of potential, but hasn’t proven much yet. It’s not like he’s Antonio Brown going into the year knowing his role. He still needs to prove himself.

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