McCoy was the presumptive favorite to earn the not-especially-coveted starting quarterback job in Washington during training camp.

That race appears to be up in the air today, after head coach Jay Gruden announced that McCoy will miss tonight’s exhibition against the Bengals, which would’ve been McCoy’s first appearance of the preseason. Less troubling than that he will miss the game is the reason why:

That injury from December was a broken leg, suffered against the Eagles in Week 13 of last season. If eight-plus months seems like an especially long time for a non-catastrophic broken leg to heal, you should know that McCoy’s recovery did not proceed along a normal timeline. As Gruden explained to JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington back in April, McCoy required additional procedures during the offseason because the team pushed too aggressively to get him back last season:

“What happened was when he had the injury we were aggressive trying to get him back on the field so fast we didn’t give it time enough to heal the right way so they went back in and did a small procedure to make sure that thing is on track to be full strength by the season,” Gruden explained at the NFL League Meetings in Arizona last month.

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