By Sarah Markson

There’s good news in Redskinsland two nights before their next exo:

Running back Derrius Guice might finally be getting back on the field.

“The tentative plan” is for Guice to play in the team’s upcoming third preseason game against the Falcons, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Rapoport adds that “it’ll likely be his only action of the preseason.” Any action is good action for Guice, as the last we heard was that he still hadn’t been cleared to play. The Redskins drafted Guice in the second round last year, and the initial expectation was that he would start as a rookie.

Things took an unfortunate turn when Guice went down with an ACL tear during the preseason. He had surgery to fix it, but complications ensued. Guice ended up with an infection in his leg, and it took him a while to get over it.

Then while working his way back this summer, Guice suffered a hamstring injury. He’s already had some tough luck, and he hasn’t even made his regular season debut yet.

Guice was a legit force at LSU, so fans have understandably been very anxious and excited to see him play at the NFL level. The Redskins signed Adrian Peterson to help replace Guice last year, and the veteran ended up having a pretty solid season.

They brought back Peterson for 2019, which means Guice will have to compete for the starting job even once he’s back to 100 percent health.


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