By Sally Fahey

Dwayne Haskins was their first pick in the 2019 NFL draft and is set to be their quarterback of the future.

He might not be their quarterback of “today” though. It appears Case Keenum will be the starting quarterback to start the season. But how long will that last?

Haskins has looked pretty solid overall this preseason. Yes, he’s had some struggles but has looked confident and competent and is making big-time plays.

Finishing the preseason strong is very important for Haskins. Even if he still isn’t starting week 1, he’ll have planted the seeds. Then if anything should happen during the season and the Redskins feel like they need to make a change at quarterback, he’ll have shown he’s ready for the challenge.

In week 1 of the preseason, Haskins looked great, but had two major mistakes in the form of interceptions. Last week, he didn’t have an interception and had a fantastic touchdown pass – showing off his great pocket awareness and arm. He also struggled to hit his mark at times though.

Could this be the week Haskins puts it all together and ditches the inconsistent play?

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