By Ben Sullivan

At one point, it looked like Trent Williams never wanted to play for the Redskins again.

However, there was a sudden change. Front office, coaches and even players were saying they believe Williams would return. The team even reportedly turned down a trade offer that would’ve netted them a first-round pick.

That has to tell you that they’re confident they can work something out.

Trent Williams spoke with Redskins legend DeAngelo Hall to tell him that he would not be playing in Week 1:
Chris Russell of 106.7 the Fan:

So Trent Williams told @DeAngeloHall23 (w/ @ErinHawksworth) that there’s “zero chance” he’ll be at Park next week. Bruce Allen says @TrentW71 is going to play for @Redskins this year.

Things are going well, I see.

This is expected. Even if Trent Williams is returning, him playing Week 1 would’ve been an absolute long shot.

It’s not really fair to say “things are going well” in a sarcastic tone because technically Williams didn’t contradict what GM Bruce Allen said. Allen said Williams will play for the Redskins this year. That doesn’t mean he’s playing Week 1.

If there’s truly a 100% chance Williams is done with the Redskins why wouldn’t he just say that instead of saying he won’t play in Week 1? Maybe things can be repaired.

Of course, this is an issue that’s far from resolved. We’ll likely be hearing a lot more rumors and both sides will remain oddly silent but talkative at the same time (it’s very confusing) about the situation.

Therefore, we’ll probably get more confirmations of “I’m not playing this week” from Williams while Allen continues to pump out the belief that the left tackle will return to the team and play for them this year.

We won’t get a complete answer until something actually happens. Until then it’s all speculation. For now though, it appears we know what’s happening – at least for one week.

Trent Williams won’t be playing for the Washington Redskins in Week 1.

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