By Harry Allison

You have to crawl before you can walk, as smart people say.

And in the case of Redskins holdout left tackle Trent Williams, his arrival in DC is like a crawl.

But not necessarily back to playing for the Redskins.

According to the Post, running back Adrian Peterson said yesterday he had talked to Williams the night before — “In person, so . . . Yeah.”

Peterson seemed to regret admitting that, as it brought up a new volley of questions about whether or when Williams might actually rejoin the team — after staying away all offseason and preseason because he was upset with the way the team handled his medical condition.

Peterson was asked if he thought that was a sign Williams might be back soon, as former teammate DeAngelo Hall recently suggested.

“I don’t know,” Peterson said. “I don’t want to get into all that. It’s Thursday, he won’t be in this week for sure. But that’s not really what we talked about. We just caught up and saw how he was doing and how things are going for him.”

Peterson said Williams asked how the team was coming together, and mentioned that he had been working out and was in shape.

“He’s doing good,” Peterson said.

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