By Michael Bennett

I don’t know about you, but it seems like Redskins coach Jay Gruden is starting to wilt under the pressure of his job.

To be fair, he has a thankless job, coaching a team constructed out of bailing wire and wax, with a feckless president and out to lunch owner.

Last Sunday, Team Gruden got off to a 17-0 lead on the road and lost when the Eagles smacked them down in the second half to win 32-27.

Gruden didn’t help himself by not dressing his best running back, Adrian Peterson, for which he has been skewered in the media and the locker room. Peterson has to play this week because Derrius Guice is out with a bum knee.

And Monday Gruden was downright snippy when asked about the condition of tight end Jordan Reed, who is out with a concussion:

“I’ve explained this 3,000 times,” he said. “OK, they’re never really totally out of the protocol, they just continue to get more work in practice. He did a lot of work in team today, which is good. He’s just gotta continue to get more reps and we’ll continue to monitor how he’s feeling afterward.”

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