By Harriett Gould

The Redskins have started with two straight losses to NFC East rivals.

Now they head into Week 3 against the Chicago Bears in desperation mode. If they don’t win here they’ll find themselves 0-3 and in a massive hole in the NFC East.

With that in mind, this can definitely be considered a must-win game. What do the Redskins need to do to pick up that win?

The Redskins defense hasn’t looked nearly as good as it was expected to be. They’ve come out flat at halftime two weeks in a row.

Wait, do the Redskins actually have some legit receivers? Yes, yes they do.

A lot of Washington fans already believed Terry McLaurin and Trey Quinn (above) were going to be good. This good, this early on though?

McLaurin’s looking like a legitimate number one. He’s an absolute burner that can fly past a defense and has fantastic route-running skills. However, he’s also shown a lot of toughness and good hands, with the ability to make some solid grabs.

Quinn, on the other hand, is a great slot receiver. He has good hands and is a good route runner. He’s very reliable and finds a way to get open. That’s literally exactly what you’d ask for from your slot.

Those two have helped to spread out the offense a little more and make a passing game that many expected to be terrible to look solid through two games.

They’ll continue their strong seasons in Week 3 and give the Redskins a really nice boost.

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