Says David Aldridge on The Athletic of the 31-15 defeat:

“I’ve got to look at myself,” said defensive tackle Jonathan Allen, back Monday after missing most of the opener in Philly and all of Week 2 against Dallas. “It’s easy to point the finger right now. It’s easy. Anybody can do that. But I’m going to look at myself, and we’re going to grind … play hard, play for your pride, play for your jobs. I’ve got a family to feed. So does everybody else in here. Play for them.”

What was left after a couple of cosmetic second-half scores made it 31-15 was an 0-3 start that could last through … well, who exactly would you expect this team to beat, right now? The Giants expect — not hope, expect — to get to .500 Sunday at home with a win against Washington, no matter if Saquon Barkley is out. You can rest assured Miami is looking at Oct. 13, when Washington comes to South Beach, and is saying, ‘there’s our one.’

In three of its last four home games, Washington has been down 40-0, 24-0 and 28-0. It’s hard to quantify how corrosive something like that is.

“It’s brutal,” Gruden said. “Brutal. We’re giving everything we have, and we’re not producing. We’re not playing good enough at home. We’re not giving these guys a reason to use this home-field advantage, and that’s the most disappointing thing, ’cause we have a great home-field advantage when it’s rocking, and we’re in the game. Third downs are a lot more difficult for the opposing team. Our players get more into the game. We just have not been able to get any momentum in the last home games here.”

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