By Ben Sullivan

Redskins running back Adrian Peterson spent 10 seasons in Minnesota, and when the former Vikings star moved up to sixth on the all-time rushing list, he was shown on both scoreboards at US Bank Stadium, giving the local fans a chance to give him an ovation.

“I had to hold tears back, to be honest,” Peterson said.

His current team lost the game 19-9, but Peterson had another solid night, with 76 yards on 14 carries.

“Just coming back and seeing the love they still have for me and they showed, man, it felt good,” Peterson said. “Even in defeat I’m able to embrace it and take it for what it was and it meant a lot. I spent a decade here so just to see that ovation and the love they showed it was meaningful. . . .

“There was a couple times during the game I caught myself singing the Skol song. It’s a natural instinct. Some things are just triggered.”

His 10 years there were his most productive, as he racked up 11,747 yards, 97 touchdowns, seven Pro Bowls, and a league MVP honor, making it natural that the bond runs so deep.

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