By Harry Allison

The Wizards drafted Trevor Booker out of Clemson with the No. 23 overall pick in 2010, and it was a unique experience.

Four frustrating seasons of pranks and tomfoolery in the nation’s capital before signing with the Utah Jazz in 2014.

Booker spoke with Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype to explain the utter dysfunction in Washington and the nonsensical approach that players had in the locker room. However, he did call it the “most fun I’ve ever had in the NBA.”

“One player cut up another player’s suit. One guy took a sh** in another guy’s shoe. We’d break into each other’s room and beat a player up, tie him up… It was my first NBA team so I was like, “Wow, the NBA is really a sh** show!'”

Having now played for four different teams since moving on from the Wizards, Booker understands that his experiences in Washington were more of the exception to the rule rather than the standard norm.

“That was all I knew. It was my first NBA team. So I’m like, ‘Wow, the NBA is really a s–tshow,’” Booker said. … “Then when I went to other organizations and I realized that, you know, what I had in Washington, it was just, it was not normal at all.”

“I’m just glad I got out alive.”

Booker went unsigned prior to the 2018-19 season and only played a few games in the Chinese Basketball Association before succumbing to injuries.

Meanwhile, the Wizards are currently in the “dumps,” so to speak. Although they inked Bradley Beal to an extension, John Wall could miss the entire season as he rehabs from a torn Achilles.

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