By Peter Brennan

Sports Illustrated in its original dead tree version is being bled to death by its new owners, The Maven Inc.

The 65-year-old bible which just endured a massive restructuring on its digital side that included substantial layoffs, is also making changes to the print version.

According to Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, which is currently publishing on a bi-weekly basis and was a weekly publication as recently as 2015, will go back to publishing as a monthly.

In addition to its 12 monthly issues, the magazine — which scaled back to twice per month in January 2018 — will publish four special issues and the Swimsuit Issue.

Other than getting roughly half of the amount of printed SI content, subscribers will also get much more dated content thanks to the change due to the magazine’s new “close time.”

“Sources close to the magazine say the ‘close time’ for each issue will be 3-4 weeks, meaning that everything in every issue must be ‘closed’ (all text and photos edited, complete, sent to the printer) more than three weeks before the magazine comes out,” Yahoo reports.

As a result, the stories in the magazine will have to be more evergreen and the timely covers that SI is known for will probably no longer be possible.

In addition to the change in content, the issues will be printed on heavier paper stock and carry a higher price at newsstands.

 “I think the issues will look more like Vanity Fair or Vogue,” a writer at the magazine told Yahoo.

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