By Harvey Hoffman

Bill Callahan is 1-4 since becoming interim coach of the Redskins, who are now 1-9.

Is he disappointed?

“The translation is what really gets to me, taking plays from the grass to the game and practicing the way we’ve practiced,” he said yesterday. “Our guys, nobody wants to hear it and I understand that. Nobody wants to hear how hard you practice and how hard you prepare, because everybody does in the National Football League.”

“And you’ve gotta come to the game and you’ve gotta make plays, and when that doesn’t translate, yeah there’s disappointment,” he said. “I’m not discouraged by any stretch. It motivates me more. I’ve got a deep resolve. I told the team this morning, ‘You’ll never see that in me,’ in terms of giving up or giving in or anything of that nature.

“It’s not in my nature. I’m just not about that. I’m a positive person. I’ve coached positively throughout my career. I’m gonna continue in that fashion.”

“I think that there’s definitely frustration on the players’ part, because I feel bad for them,” he said. “I feel bad for our fans. Our fans come to the game and they expect a quality product to be put on the field, and it wasn’t displayed yesterday. That’s what eats at me, that’s what bothers me, when I feel that I’ve let our fans down in that respect. It falls on my shoulders. I accept that.”

Callahan feels bad for Redskins fans, words he may have wished he could take back as soon as they escaped his tight lips. What’s not to feel bad about?


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