That selfie may haunt him.

Every time a play goes wrong, the personnel people will make a little mark in their books and wonder if he’s too lax, or casual, or just plain juvenile to run a team.

Much as Haskins wants to laugh it off, much as the rest of us might want to cut him a break, it was one of the more embarrassing gaffes by a quarterback in a long time, right up there with a butt fumble.

It was the kind of thing that could stick.

A quarterback missed the final snap on the field because he was too busy taking admiring pictures of himself with fans in the stands? When have you heard of such a thing in any league except a bush one? You might say: “Let’s not make too much of this.

The NFL is not the most serious endeavor in the world, and the 22-year-old rookie was just overly joyed because the Washington Redskins finally got a victory.” But it does Haskins no favors to soft-pedal this.

The fact is, the arbiters of NFL success — the grim, pressure-creased coaches and general managers who determine players’ fates — don’t take kindly to giddy carelessness by quarterbacks.

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