By Harvey Hoffman

By hiring Ron Rivera as their new coach, they are not only getting an accomplished leader who has played and coached in a Super Bowl.

They also hired a hard-ass!

Rivera has one main principle for his new team, and it’s discipline.

“Things will begin and end with one simple principle: Discipline,” Rivera said yesterday at his presser. “I come from a military family where discipline, it isn’t taught, it’s lived. It’s expected from Day One. I have a philosophy that every player, every coach, everyone who works for this organization, they’ll know it from Day One. You’re not going to play for this team, you’re not going to work for this team, if you don’t have the discipline and commitment to give us everything you have. No exceptions, no excuses. It’s that simple, guys, we have to hold each other accountable. We have to expect the most from each other.”

This is no disrespect to Jay Gruden, but this is night and day to how he went about things. Gruden very much came off as a player’s coach. He got along well with all the players and almost seemed like their buddy.

That can work in certain situations, but it wasn’t working in Washington. Rivera can still be a player’s coach and get along with his team. However, he isn’t going to be making excuses for anyone. No more “it was windy out there.” Fans will get his true thoughts, not sugar-coated. And it sounds like the players will get that as well.

Rivera is not in Washington to make friends with all the players. He is there to turn the Redskins organization around. And that definitely starts with discipline and accountability. It seems like the Redskins got the perfect man for the job.

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