By Michael Bennett

New Redskins coach Ron Rivera has said he wants  to keep the quarterback position open by bringing in another passer to keep Dwayne Haskins on his toes.

Haskins was more than happy to welcome the competition:
“That’s cool,” the Redskins gunslinger told reporters Friday at a community event sponsored by the team, via “I’m just going to have to work hard and eventually take it over. Just do your best to be accountable for what you have to do and be ready to go.”

“[Rivera’s] a guy who’s going to hold you accountable and make sure you put the work in,” Haskins said. “I’m all for that, so I’m excited.”

Haskins had a quiet debut campaign. In the nine games he played, he finished with 1,365 passing yards and seven touchdowns with an 80% completion rate. Unfortunately, his inexperience played a factor in his overall mediocre performance. He didn’t matter at all during the stretch where he started, only winning two of the games he played in the pocket.

There are different names being brought up as competition for Haskins. Case Keenum and Colt McCoy won’t likely return to the Redskins in 2020.


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