By Harvey Hoffman

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. says there is “no doubt” who the Redskins should pick: Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

“Well, you can have all the Chase Young’s you want, Max, but if you don’t have the quarterback, you’re spinning your wheels,” Kiper said on First Take when asked by Max Kellerman who the Redskins should take.

“This is a quarterback league all the way. What’s the difference in the Super Bowl? Mahomes and Garoppolo late in that game,” Kiper continued. “If you look at Tua, if the medical staff clears him — and this is the leap of faith you have to take. The medical staff is gonna be key to this, more so than the scouts and the evaluators. They’re the key. If they sign off, you take Tua at two. There’s no doubt about that. You take Tua.

“You don’t trade the pick, you don’t take Chase Young, you take Tua. And if Haskins turns out to be better, then great! Then we can trade Tua!”

Kiper went on to say drafting another quarterback wouldn’t mean the Redskins move on from the No. 15 pick from a season ago.

“We’re not saying we’re dumping Haskins, we’re forgetting about Dwayne Haskins, giving up on Haskins,” he said. “Let ’em battle it out and see who the best man is. Haskins already has a head start, he’s got a year in the league. So let’s see what happens.”

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