In all likelihood, this spring and summer, that is going to go out the window, says

We may be looking at three-week training camps for the entire league and then, bam, straight into games. We may be looking at some teams that were more affected by the virus than others. We may be looking at rookie quarterbacks who get almost no spring reps with teammates at all, and time with coaches only over Skype … and if you don’t think that will take a toll on certain franchises and individuals then you haven’t been paying attention to how all of this comes together.

Experience will matter, more than ever, and there will be market inefficiencies that are a factor in how seasons play out. There is no substitute for time in front of a team, selling a program and getting players to buy-in and working to establish yourself as an unknown commodity. Guys like Joe Judge were always going to face a bit of an uphill climb in that regard – going from Patriots special teams coach to head ball coach of the New York Giants – and I expect that to only be amplified under these conditions.

Even for a guy like Ron Rivera in Washington, not being able to have a full staff in the facility and making an imprint and figuring out how to work together (and yeah, I know he has worked with a lot of these dudes before but not as one collective) is less than ideal. Ditto for Mike McCarthy with the Cowboys, where his franchise-tagged quarterback might not be the happiest camper under any circumstances, let alone these.

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