By Harry Allison

It’s always good for a pol to have a sense of humor.

Unless you are the butt of his joke.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan discussed on 106.7 The Fan how vital social distancing is to stop the spread of the virus, and recognized that the practice has been in place at FedEx Field longer than anywhere else.

“The social distancing stuff really will help,” Hogan said. “Keeping apart, not being so close together, and the good news is, we got a lot of practice on this throughout most of the season for the Redskins. There was social distancing going on. There weren’t that many people in the stands, and they were spread out. It was good practice.”

The National Guard is setting up a screening and testing site at FedEx Field, and Hogan joked that the site will not impact the Redskins in any way.

“The good news is the Redskins are not an essential business and they’re shut down and they’re going to win the same number of games either way whether they’re playing or not,” Hogan added.

Hogan grew up in Prince Georges County as a Redskins fan, and he is assuredly hoping the team can get back to prominence after the pandemic subsides.

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