Says The Ringer.com:

The through line of the Wizards is dissatisfaction. With coach Scott Brooks, in the front office, among players, on the court, and with the media. Resentment overfloweth.

Sometimes you’re the target, sometimes you’re the one yelling “I’m sick of this shit!” in practice. (Eat your heart out, Jimmy Butler.) The 2019-20 season was calm by recent comparison, blemished by the mildest of trade rumors, rotations reeking of desperation, and many losses. A couple reports surfaced claiming Bradley Beal was unhappy, but that’s a familiar theme. With everyone. In every D.C. franchise.

The most public Wizards grievance this season was, in fact, in support of Beal after he was left off the All-Star roster. His snub led to a speech by Kamiah Adams, Beal’s fiancée and a Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood personality, that was so thorough and condemnatory it will be taught to budding agents tasked with defending their clients for years to come. Adams’s voter takedown and defense for Beal was unquestionably one of the greatest performances of the season.


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