By Lewis Gould

Michael Jordan may be regarded by many as the greatest basketball player of all tim

But his Washington Wizards teammates did not actually have a particular liking for Jordan.

In a recent episode of his podcast entitled “The Odd Couple,” NBA insider Chris Boussard provided a first-hand account of how he personally witnessed the disdain of Jordan’s teammates towards him.

“I know, I covered the team, I was with the Wizards that year, about the last week or two of Jordan’s career. I wrote for the New York Times a story about his last game. The players were sick of him. I mean they were really weren’t enjoying playing with the great Michael Jordan that most of them grew up idolizing, including [Jerry] Stackhouse,” Boussard said, via Aegir Svensson of TalkBasket.net.

After retiring for a second time, Jordan made another comeback in 2001 to play two seasons with the Wizards. This was a welcome development for the entire basketball world, but as it turns out, this just wasn’t the case for MJ’s teammates.

Just recently, former Wizards forward Stackhouse opened up about how he wishes he never got the opportunity to play alongside his idol. According to the two-time All-Star who was teammates with Jordan during the 2002-03 campaign, he just did not appreciate how Jordan pretty much ran the team.

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