By Lewis Gould

Trent Williams will soon be an ex-Redskin.

The Redskins have talked to multiple teams about a potential trade involving Williams, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport has reported.

Williams’ trade value is likely at its highest in the next 8hours. The expectation has been the 31-year-old tackle will only be moved for a significant return, presumably meaning a high draft pick in this year’s draft. Such a swap makes more sense than sending a future high pick to Washington for a tackle whose remaining career length is unknown, especially after he sat out last season and would still need to pass a physical before a trade is complete.

As such, the Redskins have closed the window made available to Williams and his agent, Vince Taylor, to seek a deal with another team, returning to Washington full control of any potential negotiations, Rapoport and NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reported. In essence, the Redskins have given Williams and his representation time to find a suitable partner in a desirable destination, and with those options not meeting their requirements for a deal, Washington’s front office is taking matters back into its own hands.

Being up against the clock ahead of the draft undoubtedly influenced this change. If we reach 8 p.m. ET tonight and Williams remains a Redskin, it is unlikely Washington will get the compensation it has sought since Williams made his trade demands known.

Of course, the lack of movement on Williams in recent weeks has already demonstrated the Redskins might not get what they want anyway, but with the passage of the first round of the draft, their chances of getting a great return significantly decrease — especially in a draft that is loaded at tackle.

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