By Paul Harrison

So, there hasn’t been live sports on TV since March 12, seven weeks!

And yet Comcast and all the others cable pigs are still charging us for their sports offerings — ESPN, Fox and even the woeful NBC Sports Washington.

When are we going to get refunds?

On behalf of local consumers, New York State Attorney General Letitia James sent a letter to seven major TV distributors (Multichannel Video Programming Distributors or “MVPDs,” to use an industry term) asking them to reduce the fees charged to subscribers for channels like ESPN and regional sports networks.

“At a time when so many New Yorkers have lost their jobs and are struggling, it is grossly unfair that cable and satellite television providers would continue to charge fees for services they are not even providing,” said James in a statement released on the Attorney General’s website Tuesday.

“These companies must step up and immediately propose plans to cut charges and provide much needed financial relief.”

In the statement, James said that she sent letters to Altice USA, AT&T Inc., Charter Communications, Comcast Cable, DISH Network, RCN Corporation, and Verizon Communications, asking for plans on how those providers intend to reduce subscriber fees until live sports programming resumes.

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