By Michael Bennett

Redskins Ron Rivera wasn’t the coach last year , but he’s seen what Terry McLaurin did on the field.

“Terry McLaurin’s been a treat,” Rivera said on FS1, via 247Sports.com. “He’s been a treat to get to know. I ran into him several times before the lockdown when he would come around and I’d have a conversation with him. And then listening in on his conversations with [wide receivers] coach [Jim] Hostler has been really, really good. I mean, he’s a young man I think that had a solid year last year as a rookie, a third-round pick — he’s a guy that could be on the verge, he really is. He reminds me so much of a D.J. Moore that we had in Carolina. Just an outstanding young man.”

Moore followed up a solid rookie year with 87 catches and 1,175 receiving yards while playing in an offense that also experienced shaky quarterback play. Rivera and company will be hoping for similar growth from McLaurin while getting better results on the quarterback front.

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