By Sam Bush

If you think the MLB owners and players have a death wish, join the club!

They can’t seem to agree on a length of a shortened season, let alone health rules and salaries seem to be off the table.

As their brothers in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS have figured out a plan to get on with business after the pandemic pause that stopped sports on March 12, MLB has failed miserably.

Remember the idea of being back by July 4?

Fuhgetabout it!

July 4 is less than a month away. Once a new agreement is reached – if a new agreement is reached – players would need time to report for spring training, particularly those returning from foreign countries. Teams would need at least 10 days to prepare their spring-training sites and/or home ballparks to comply with new medical protocols, according to MLB. Spring training 2.0 would last a minimum of three weeks.

So, forget July 4. Just tell us, oh squabbling parties, how low do you want to go? A 50-game season that would carry little credibility one year after the Washington Nationals started 19-31 in their first 50 games, only to win the World Series? A canceled season that would result in the sport going dark for nearly 18 months, diminishing income for all parties, wrecking players’ careers and deflating owners’ precious resale values in the process?

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