By Sam Bush

Three-time Cy Young winner Max Scherzer let the owners have it:

“Some owners have mentioned owning a team isn’t very NET profitable,” the Nationals ace tweeted last night. “You know what other company isn’t very NET profitable? Amazon.” 

With MLB and the players’ union still at odds over an economic agreement, Scherzer took aim at the financial profits the owners are claiming during the ongoing labor negotiations.

MLB insists they will lose $640,000 per team for each regular-season game played in empty ballparks because 40% of revenue is tied to gate. The union disputes these figures but claims it has not been given the data it needs to make a full evaluation.

Earlier this week, St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill Dewitt Jr. discussed the cash-flow problem among teams.

“The industry isn’t very profitable, to be honest,” DeWitt said on 590TheFan in St. Louis on Tuesday. “And I think they (the players) understand that. They think owners are hiding profits. There’s been a bit of distrust there. It’s a bit of a zero-sum game. They have by far the best deal of any players in any sport.”

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