By Art Beitchman

Major League Baseball is finally taking the 2020 truncated season seriously when it absolutely had to.

But it’s still not 100% signed off on!

There is a so-called proposed deal in place where they will play 60-70 games, expand the playoffs to 16 teams, playoffs to start October 2-3, World Series to begin October 20.

What took so long?

Money did.

After setting records in 2019 by hauling in 10.7 billion, these greedy owners don’t want to mess with that giant cash flow, even for one season!

Not playing the 2020 campaign would have been equally disastrous, as far as image and cold hard cash on the barrel.

If they scrapped the year for COVID-19 purposes, they would go 17 full months from the ending of the 2019 World Series to opening day 2021. The stench of that long a gap would give the sporting public anger they could not risk.

That they took this long speaks volumes to me.

They don’t care about the fans, except for the money they spend, believing that fans will always come back to see a sport that’s been played in America since the 1880’s.

They will stop playing MLB in the USA when hell freezes over, and they know that better than anyone.



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