By Lewis Gould

ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst has a theory in regards to Wiz guard Bradley Beal’s future in D.C.

“These two teams, Washington and Brooklyn, are kinda priming up, lining up for a possible trade,” Windhorst said on The Lowe Post podcast. “I don’t think Washington’s ready to trade Bradley Beal, but if they get to that point, Brooklyn is a team that is in the hunt there.”

And with the Nets shorthanded due to several players pulling out due to positive COVID-19 tests, Windhorst pointed to one player Brooklyn would like to see shine: center Jarrett Allen.

“And, hey if your Brooklyn, I would want to make sure Jarrett Allen looks pretty damn good against (Washington),” he told Zach Lowe. “And if you play ’em in a play-in series feed Jarrett Allen the ball. Feed Jarrett Allen the ball.”

Windhorst added it is a “poorly kept secret” that the Nets’ plan is to add a third star player to play alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Brookyn’s two prime pieces in any deal to land that third piece would be the 22-year-old Allen and 25-year-old guard/forward Caris LeVert.

Now, in all of this there is a key phrase from Windhorst that people should remember: “I don’t think Washington’s ready to trade Bradley Beal.”

And that is where everything could stop. Even if it may be the smart move for Washington to deal Beal, who just turned 27, as they look to rebuild, Wizards GM Tommy Sheppard and owner Ted Leonsis may not be interested in even a tempting offer.

“(The Wizards) have insisted over and over again that they are not (trading Beal),” Lowe said. “Now, teams insist over and over again that they are not willing to trade Player X until circumstances demand or require the deal and do so.”

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