Says WTOP’s John Woodfork:

As I’ve stated before, owner Dan Snyder needs to fall in line with the rest of D.C.’s major professional sports teams and change the name to something that fits the city’s personality and matches the red, white and blue color scheme.

Perhaps that will change the perception of the organization from national disgrace to a functional team worthy to return to the District of Champions.

Super Bowl-winning coach Tony Dungy told The Undefeated, “It’s not hard to change the name.” And while that’s a good quote, the one I took to heart in that link is from the author, William C. Rhoden: “Don’t let Snyder’s lack of morality influence yours.”

I won’t. There was a time I didn’t understand how important this is, but I do now. And given what has happened in this country over the last two months, we all have a responsibility to strive to be better.

So, consider this column’s headline the final time I’ll use the name of Washington’s NFL team in this space. That counts columns I write and my sports reports on air.

I’m done compromising. Snyder, Rivera and the entire NFL should be too.

Column: Now is the time for ‘Redskins’ to go

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