By Sally Fahey

The NFL is forbidding jersey swaps and post-game interactions.

But coaches are not required to wear masks on the sidelines, though all other non-player personnel will have to wear masks.

Welcome to the world of the NFL’s arcane COVID-19 rules.

“NFL teams will be forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other and jersey exchanges between players will be prohibited during the 2020 season, sources say,” NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero tweeted. “Another way the NFL will look different in the COVID-19 world.”

The idea of jersey swaps and postgame exchanges being banned is hardly a surprise, even though some may point out the irony of not letting players get too close to each other after they’ve spent several hours tackling each other on the field. Still, the league would not want to allow something as inessential as a jersey swap to spread coronavirus. But NFL Network’s Ian Rappoport revealed those aren’t the only changes coming.

Players not having to wear masks is not surprising, as the concept of them playing in masks is simply not realistic.

However, many assumed that coaches would be required to wear masks, especially since some of the older coaches in the league, like Pete Carroll, Andy Reid and Bill Belichick, could be risking their health by participating in the season.

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