By Harry Allison

TMZ is reporting that charging documents filed in Loudoun County General District Court today said Derrius Guice allegedly strangled his girlfriend until she was unconscious at his Virginia home in March.

When she woke up, Guice was crying and tapping her. The woman told authorities that the former Washington running back also pushed her and pulled her hair during the incident, reports The Post.

The charging document reportedly detailed multiple incidents of abuse. Guice’s girlfriend told police that he pushed her to the ground in his bathroom in February, which caused her thumb’s nail to eventually fall off due to a popped blood vessel. The woman also said Guice pushed her to the ground outside of his home on April 17, and he threw her cell phone into the street, which caused it to shatter.

Washington released Guice on Friday after he was charged in multiple domestic violence incidents. The 23-year-old turned himself in and was released on $10,000 bond.

The team said in a statement that it first learned of a potential domestic violence situation Thursday and immediately alerted the NFL. Washington met with Guice to excuse him from football activities pending a review of the matter. But after learning that multiple charges were filed against him, Washington reviewed them and decided to release Guice.

Coach Ron Rivera said today the decision to release Guice was “tough” but necessary.

“Any time you have to release a very talented player it’s always a tough decision,” said Rivera said during a video conference with reporters. “We take those allegations very, very seriously and we had to make a decision. I talked to [Washington’s] players yesterday that I made a decision I believe was in the best interest of our organization and if it was the right decision we’ll benefit from it and if not it will be on me. I will take full responsibility going forward to make sure we do things the right way.”

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