By Lewis Gould

Dan Snyder claims a fired ex-employee is taking bribes to feed information to a foreign-based website that’s out to get him, and now he’s naming names in court.

The Washington Football Team owner is calling out Mary Ellen Blair, whom he describes as a former executive assistant in the team’s offices.In docs filed yesterday, Snyder claims Blair — who was first demoted and then fired in 2017 — contacted a current team employee in late May or early June to say a Washington Post story was coming out that would “not [be] good for Dan.”

Snyder insinuates she used stolen information, such as team contacts, to fish for negative information for that story.

BTW, The WaPo story that came out on July 5 claimed “minority owners” of the Washington Football Team are pissed at Snyder and wanted to sell their stakes.According to the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Blair contacted team employees again in early July, and said another big story was coming out claiming Snyder did “dirty and illegal” things.

He claims Blair told one employee, you’d “probably make a lot of money” for info on Snyder. Sources connected to Snyder tell us he also has recordings of Blair and multiple affidavits indicating she actually offered bribes to contacts.Snyder, who’s hired high-powered attorney Joe Tacopina, says the employee didn’t take the bait, and points out the WaPo story that was published July 16 alleged sexual harassment in Team offices … but he was not accused.However, around that time did post stories alleging Snyder was involved in sex trafficking and tied to Jeffrey Epstein.

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