By Sam Bush

Cal Ripken, who turns 60 next week, has gone public  with news of his prostate cancer diagnosis back in February. He underwent surgery in March at Johns Hopkins Hospital and said he’s made a full recovery.

The cancer was detected through a routine medical checkup.

“My PSA was just inching up a little and there was movement in my PSA, which was well within my norm,” he said this morning in a Zoom conference call. “For someone my age it wasn’t really alarming. There could be other reasons why it comes up. Simply you could be riding a bike more than you were before and you’re sitting on your prostate and it causes your reading to be higher. So just as a precaution I went to a urologist, and the urologist did a few more tests to determine whether I needed a biopsy, and those tests came back iffy.

“The recommendation was to do a biopsy, which we did in mid-February, and it came back that I had prostate cancer. It was in the early stages, and trying to get around that news and what it means … They say it’s a slow-moving cancer and you don’t have to make a really quick decision and all those things. The answer to do surgery was, it was the right decision to make and that was the easy part of it. But then getting yourself ready to do it was another one.”

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